Diagnosis 3/16/19

So after a month of having strange left sided neck pain, ear pain, and weird reflux, I also noticed my jugular vein was distended. I’d already been to Urgent Care 2x in the last 30 days to get antibiotics for my self-diagnosed “sinus infection.” Of course, I didn’t have a primary doctor.  She left me 2 years ago, and I hadn’t made time to replace her. So I couldn’t handle my symptoms anymore. I’d already taken long catnaps at work and, my Lord, why was my neck being starting to bulge? So I left my husband to take the kids to Boy Scouts Pine Wood Derby. That event drags on anyway, so I’m happy to miss this year. I get admitted as an ER patient because some of my symptoms mimic a heart attack with chest “tightness”. I describe my sxs to the PA who proceeds to say, “can you describe what you’re feeling in a different way?”... no, ummm NO!  I’ve never felt like this before and I can’t take it any more.  So I get a chest X-ray showing significant swelling around my heart.  I’m not freaked out yet but I call my husband because he might like to know what’s happening.  I have a CT scan of my neck and chest as I wait for my husband to join me. He arrives in time for the PA to tell us I described my symptoms perfectly. She just never would have guessed I have an 11x7x7cm mass encompassing my aorta. WTF? I have cancer??!  My husband and I cry and freak out.  My mass was so concerning I had to stay the next 5 days in the hospital. Couldn’t leave until I had 1 round of chemo, with more in the books. But first it takes a few days to get all the test completed to confirm that it was lymphoma, B-cell specifically, not aggressive.  My oncologist went on Spring Break while I was in the hospital. Must have been nice. But seriously, he has a good team, so I was ok. As I’m sitting in the hospital I am thinking how funny it is that I am Cancer Rehabilition physical therapist. It’s like this was supposed to happen to me because I work with people every day to help them counter the side effects of chemo and radiation. Now I’m sitting in the other seat. I know I don’t really ‘deserve’ this diagnosis because of my profession, but I do hope I come away with some better understanding and even more sympathy for my patients when I return to work. 

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April 1, 2019

Denmark, Wisconsin 54208

February 12, 1980

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Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Diffuse large B cell

March 16

over 6.1

The fact that it still exists and is more prevalent

To slow down and enjoy my time with family

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Aurora BayCare Medical Center

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Left ear pain and throat tightness x 1 month. Didn’t get better with 2 rounds of antibiotics. Also incessant reflux symptoms without the burning.

3/20/19 first cycle R-Chop



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