I’ve been off work since diagnosis. I was told I couldn’t work the first week because of the size and location of the mass. Then I was sick with my original symptoms for the following week. How many of you have been working versus not working?  I’m a physical therapist, so my job is (haha) physical. I’m concerned about the close patient contact and being immune-compromised. I’m only 1 cycle of chemo in. Plus I still have a PICC line because I’m not port-able yet. So that makes life annoying. But I feel good the last few days, so I feel guilty I’m not working.  But I have to schedule patients and have consistency to work with them. Right now, I can’t offer that. Waiting for short-term disability to be approved for this month. Ive read that fatigue and nausea can mount with subsequent cycles of chemo. I feel undirected as to whether or not I should be working.  I had to cancel my work meeting since MD told me not to fly, so I feel that I shouldn’t be a work either.  Am I wrong?

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Hi Jill, welcome to our group of fighters and survivors. My oncologist said to try and work as long as I could to keep my mind off of things, so chemo was on Thursday, I would take Friday off and the weekend, and go into work Monday morning with 'chemo-brain'. I had an 'office job' so I didn't have to worry about being exposed to many people other than in church. It's really up to you and your doctor. If you have things to keep you busy, then take the time off. I also had the Nulasta injection the day after chemo, and that keep the white cells up to fight off infection and I didn't get sick from others, thank God. I would never fly - healthy people get sick doing that, so pass on that. I assume that you're having "R-CHOP" treatments every 3 weeks? The Rituxin is a great fighter. Funny you mention 12 days, as that is when I had so much hair on my pillow that a very short cut was in order, as well as my beard. Since it was summer having just my moustache and tiny furry head was just fine. I felt fairly decent the first 4 rounds before it started to 'accumulate' the effects, but even after 5 & 6, the Prednisone really perked me back up. I would ask your ONC if they use Rituxin or if you can get something like the Neulasta shot the day after. Hope you can get a port- it works wonders. Hope you have some helpers making things easier for you on chemo day. May God Bless You,
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