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Work: I’ve been off work since diagnosis. I was told I couldn’t work the first week because of the siz...
My hair: I’m 12 days post-round 1 of chemo. I’m stupidly nervous/anxious about the possibility (fact) tha...
Diagnosis 3/16/19: So after a month of having strange left sided neck pain, ear pain, and weird reflux, I also noticed ...

Vital Info


April 1, 2019

Denmark, Wisconsin 54208

February 12, 1980

Cancer Info

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Diffuse large B cell

March 16

over 6.1

The fact that it still exists and is more prevalent

To slow down and enjoy my time with family

Keep me laughing and know I’m loved

Prayers and visits

Aurora BayCare Medical Center

Keep moving!

Left ear pain and throat tightness x 1 month. Didn’t get better with 2 rounds of antibiotics. Also incessant reflux symptoms without the burning.

3/20/19 first cycle R-Chop



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